Sunday, 8 November 2009

Halloween Snap Shots

It was a full week ago that we had the Rollapaluza Halloween cyclo cross race, but it I can't help talking about it even now. It was certainly the main talking point in the cycling community last week. It even overshadowed the Inter-Area championships which took place the same weekend. Even though that was a national event, also with a big field, many people talked of how that event really paled into insignificance by comparison. It seemed quite a sorry affair with literally one man and his dog spectating! I must admit I'm glad I didn't make the trip up there.
Anyway, for those who weren't at the Rollapaluza spectacular, or those who want to be reminded what a great night it was, here are some snaps.

Photos courtesy of Graham Stacey (Catford CC), plus one from Alistair Lang (Pearson Cycles) who I am not sure whether or not to thank. Maybe he had a moment of schadenfreude when he saw me crash. Ok, I will admit I do laugh when I look at that Frank Spencer moment!

Photo: London Cyclesport
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